The Power of Mixing Your Metals

It’s no secret I love a good mixed metal. On my hands everyday are rings of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and silver. I love the freedom it gives me to never feel limited in my style choices. Today’s jumpsuit has a silver zipper but the hoops I love are gold? No worries, I’m already wearing both! 
I meet so many women at my pop ups that feel so contained to only one type because of their wedding band, or the tiny hoops their grandma passed down or the simple gold chain their dad gave them. These are items they wear every day and have built their entire jewelry wardrobe around. Not that those pieces shouldn’t be treasured, or that you have to completely start over with a whole new collection, but one piece of beautiful jewelry doesn’t have to define you or your style choices. You are only limited by what you think you are. Sometimes I have to stop myself for yelling at these women, “You’re limited enough! Rings don’t have the power to keep you in a box too!” If you want a gold sparkle band to sit on top of your simple silver band, do it. I promise no one in the world is going to point out they don’t match.
If anything, they’ll love how the combination looks and want to know where they can get their own. Look at you, trendsetter. What are you going to do with all this freedom now?
Here’s a few examples of my favorite ways to mix metals!
Mixed metal labradorite evil eye pendant 
Gold and Silver mixed Evil Eye Pendant with Labradorite
Mixed stack with labradorite cocktail ring 
Gold and Silver mixed Stackers with Labradorite Cocktail ring
Mixed gemstone rings with stackers
 Gold and Silver mixed Stackers with Turquoise Teardrop and Navy SandstoneDisco balls
Gold and Silver Disco Ball Tumblers

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